Five Things I Learned in 2017

January 1, 2018



Its December 31st 2017 the last day of the year and guess what guys we made it! I like many of you all have endured many trials and tribulations this year that I thought would break me but instead encouraged me to keep pressing forward. As the year comes to an end I would like to share with you all  five things I have learned this year in hopes that they will help you and myself blossom into the wonderful people God called us to be. While my blog is very personal and is used as a free space to say whatever I want I hope that you find some of my advice helpful as we embark upon the new year. 


The five Things I Learned in 2017 are:


1. The power of networking

 "I want to turn my network into my net worth" a very common phrase you will hear amongst entrepreneurs, creatives and people who literally network for a living. As a introvert and someone who struggles with anxiety I always dreaded networking. These networking events filled with watercress sandwiches and people with ornate clothing were always redundant and boring. You pass out some business cards, you talk to one curator you talk to another curator and then you leave feeling a little inspired to work on your business brands and goals. It was not until I attended a pop up shop where I got the opportunity to interview a plethora or business owners on the inspiration behind their brand and some of the long term goals for their company that my view on networking events changed. During this pop up shop I met this lady named Ms. Toni who said "You know you're working that suit right".  I smiled, said thank you and continued to converse with Ms. Toni about my aspirations as a journalist. A few moments later Ms. Toni decided to invite me to her networking event that was being hosted by Charreah Jackson senior editor of ESSENCE Magazine. While attending the event I got the opportunity to meet Charreah an Atlanta native who gave me the best advice ever "Get out of your head and get into your heart". Meeting such a poised and well articulated woman as Charreah inspires me daily to continue to pursue a career in journalism. Networking definitely has its benefits be sure to always keep an open mind, like they say sometimes its not what you know but who you know and making those key connections are a sure fire way to get to the top.


2. Scared money don't make no money!

Well you'd think that this one just makes sense right if you don't play you simply cannot win! I started my two business Jades Hair Collection & The Posh Factory on a wing and a prayer I had no money, no mentor and no real business plan all I wanted to do was sell quality items at an affordable price. So what happened?? Somewhere along the way I started giving life into self doubts telling myself like I wasn't even pretty enough to sell hair or fashionable enough to sell women clothes and accessories. The real reason behind all the self doubts was the fact that I was scared. Scared that I might fail, scared that I might not be accepted or supported and honestly scared to put myself out there. In retrospect I missed out on a lot of opportunities and money just because I was scared and didn't believe in myself. With all that being said if you want something go get it! If you want to sell hair or clothes or lashes scream from the mountain tops that you sell the BEST items hands down! No one will believe in your brand if you don't dispel those self doubts and go get whats yours.


3. Trust your process

TRUST YOUR PROCESS! A lot of people think that success happens over night because they see the Instagram posts of the nice homes, cars, bags and shoes. What a lot of people don't see is the hard work, the effort, the blood, sweat, and tears entrepreneurs and creatives put into themselves and their brand. You cannot microwave your success and you should not compare yourselves to others. I also find myself getting caught up in the glitz and glam of it all but your process is uniquely designed for you & has your name on it. Whenever I begin feeling discouraged about my business I listen to "It Is for Me" by the Miami Mass Choir as a constant reminder that God placed these dreams in my heart for a reason. It is solely up to you to chase the desires of your heart don't let the glitz and glam that other may have discourage you from giving your dreams a try. Always remember that if he or she did it you can do it too.


4. The importance of writing down your dreams 

Dear entrepreneurs get yourself a journal, write down all your dreams and then go execute. As clichè as it sounds it is literally that easy at the beginning of 2017 I wrote down everything that I wanted and needed to do. I told myself these wants and needs must be met in three months and the majority of them were. Having a journal that you write in not only allows you keep track of your dreams but also holds you responsible for meeting them. My journal goes everywhere with me just because at any moment I can come up with a new business idea or new poem that I need to write down. I also believe that having a journal ignites creativity so go get one, write your dreams down and start executing.


5. The importance of managing your time

I like many of you guys am in college, work full time and try to have a social life so after completing homework assignments, taking naps after work and hanging out with friends where does one find the time to chase his or her dreams? Well I vowed to devote at least 30 minutes a day to work on my business be it researching SEO analytics, marketing strategies or simply completing a blog post. So much of my time was wasted watching tv, hanging out with people who didnt have my best interest at heart and just being lazy. Time management is a very important factor in success regardless of what you do. Devote at least 30 minutes to your dreams and aspirations a day and see what changes begin to come about.


As we embark upon the new year I wish you nothing but peace, blessing and God's Favor.


Jay "The It Girl"




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